Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wolfgang Gartner Makes Love & War

Very quietly @wolfganggartner is becoming one of the best electronic artists in the world. Sure, that's probably from a naive American perspective since he's signed to the biggest electronic music labels (Ultra), but to me his music is new, so I'm going to keep assuming you are as informed as I am.

If there were a way to bold the song below to show how much I really like it, I'd find a way to do that. It's got a very @deadmau5 sound to it tempo wise, but it's all over the place in a crazy, unbridled way that's hard to dislike. It has the build ups that lead to the meat of the track that absolutely GETS AFTER IT in a dance like nobodys looking sorta way. Matter of fact, I think I might just do that in a few weeks...#HollaAtchaBoy


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