Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bobby Ray and Taylor Swift Make Uplifting Music Together

"I wish I was strong enough to lift,
Not one, but both of us"
Yep, it's safe to say I'm just as surprised as you are to find a song featuring @taylorswift13 on my blog. I've always been pretty outspoken against everything that is country music, but I'm willing to make an exception for a member of my live starting 5, @bobatl. All the haters who thought Bobby Ray was going to take a step back on his sophomore album might want to hit the exits after listening to Both of Us.

I say that in all seriousness because if the track below doesn't become a #1 single on iTunes at some point, then I should probably stop writing about music since I have no idea what I'm talking about. Between Taylor's angelic voice on the hook and the substance filled sermon Bobby delivers on the verses, it's a well put together collaboration. It helps too that @thedoctorluke crafted instrumental is about as universally likable as it gets, maintaining a deep Hip Hop sound, but staying Pop/Contemporary enough that the most devout Taylor Swift country fan could probably still respect.

By my count, Bobby Ray is 3 for 3 so far for singles on Strange Clouds with Strange Clouds and So Good preceeding Both of Us. That doesn't even count Play the Guitar and Never Lost, which aren't on the official tracklist, but I'm guessing will be iTunes bonus tracks. Six months ago if you would have told me Strange Clouds was going to be half as good as The Adventures of Bobby Ray, I would have probably laughed under my breath condescendingly and answered politely with a "yea right." I couldn't have been more wrong and I'll continue to eat my words on May 1st when I gladly support Bobby Simmons by copping his album...#NoSophomoreSlump

B.O.B. feat Taylor Swift - Both of Us (prod by Dr. Luke)


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