Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just Call Him Bobby Ray Bands

With the countdown to the release of @bobatl's new album Strange Clouds now less than two weeks away, there's a daily hope that a trickle of water will start to form in the form of a small leak. Today that hope came to fruition as Bobby Ray not only released another iTunes single So Hard to Breathe, but track #2 off the official tracklist also hit the superhighway today. I'd categorize the @LILCGRANDHUSTLE produced Ray Bands as a bouncy, catchy, repeatable track with a creative play on words. Everybody knows he goes by Bobby Ray and he loves talking about his shades, so why not call him Bobby Ray Bands??

In all seriousness, there's no way Strange Clouds will top The Adventures of Bobby Ray, but that doesn't mean it isn't going to be a great album. I'm a little worried after hearing his song with Taylor that he's drifting farther away from Hip Hop and closer to manufactured Pop, but I'm far from a point where I can back that statement up. We'll know more in two weeks, but for now I'm excited that there are still a lot of songs I haven't heard on the official tracklist. Arena featuring @tip and @chrisbrown and the two deluxe bonus tracks prod by @boi1da and @iamjimjonsin are a couple that come to mind. Here's to hoping I'm dead wrong in forecasting a less than classic album...#HaterIntheHouse

B.O.B. - Ray Bands (prod by Lil C)


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