Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bobby Ray T.I. & Chris Martin Never Get Lost

You might be thinking to yourself, wait a minute, wasn't this song featuring @tip and @coldplay on @bobatl's No Genre mixtape like a year ago? To that I say, cheers observant reader because I was thinkin' the same damn thing myself because I posted this track on April 26th of last year. Yea I know, I was a little late on it considering the mixtape dropped on December 7th, 2010.

Regardless of timing or whether it was previously unreleased until now, I should get to the point of me re-posting the track. What you hear below is a new sounding version in that it's clearly been mastered with actual vocals from Chris Martin of Coldplay. If you're wondering what I mean, check out the original with Bobby Ray singing the hook. The authentic Coldplay vocals give it an added touch of freshness that the original didn't have. Sure the verses and beat provided by none other than JJJ JR! (@jonathanrotem) are the same great concoction, but a new hook can do wonders for a track.

Furthermore, you may be wondering what the intentions are for mastering this track. I wonder the same thing, but with the new T.I. and Bobby Ray collaboration album titled The Man & The Martian in the works, this might just end up being a single when it's all said and done. All I can say is it's about damn time this was made a single! I bet Coldplay was finally compen$ated on the sample and that's why they've got the green light to release it as a single...#MoneyTalk$

B.O.B. feat T.I. & Coldplay - Never Lost (prod by JR Rotem)


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