Saturday, February 25, 2012

"You Say You Never Had it So Good"

All you need to know about the track below is that is is performed by @bobatl and Ryan Tedder wrote and produced it. It's a simple formula that will ultimately end up being successful without fail. To compare, it's a little more pop, sing-alogy compared to Strange Clouds, but the tone of the track sounds like a lot of stuff on his first album like Don't Let Me Fall.

If you remember, I gave his first album a 4.5 headphone out of 5 rating for it's undeniable front to back quality. By my count he's a solid 3 for 3 on single choices for Strange Clouds, but what I'm really looking forward to is the album's lesser known tracks. I say that because tracks like Ghost in the Machine and Lovlier Than You ended up being the tracks I liked most and those were two of the least publicized tracks on the album.

You better believe when his new album drops on May 15th, I will be thoroughly combing metal detector in the sand style for hidden gems. Right now I've got my eye on So Hard to Breathe featuring @iamseangarrett, which is the sequel to Don't Let Me Fall and I'm holding out hope that a finished version of 5 on the Kush will make the final tracklist. Expectations are high after the first album, but from what it's sounding like, there won't be a sophomore slump...#SamBradford

B.O.B. - So Good (prod by Ryan Tedder)


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