Monday, April 30, 2012

Usher Will Make You Scream

It's been about two years since @usherraymondiv released a studio album, but it doesn't seem like that long ago because he released the five singles off Raymond vs. Raymond across a whole calendar year (More was released in November 2011, which was 349 days after Daddy's Home was released). Basically when you're a world famous artist who is known for writing, producing and performing great music, you have the ability to make one album go a long way.

One of the things I admire most about Usher is his ability to evolve and adapt his brand. He's proven he can do the R&B thing in his sleep, but recently he's started tinkering with EDM a bit. Seeing that my appreciation for EDM steadily increased recently, you can imagine why I was excited to hear him describe his new album as "Revolutionary Pop", which is a mix of Electronic, R&B, Soul and Pop genres. To me it sounds like this "Revolutionary Pop" that he speaks of on his new album Looking for Myself is exactly what pop music is in 2012. Even though it sounds like he's being Captain Obvious by coining a cliche term that describes something apparent, there probably aren't too many artists that can pull all those genres together and make it sound good...

...which is all the more reason you should give his lead single a listen. Surprisingly, it doesn't feature a big name EDM DJ on the production credits, but it's definitely headed straight for Top 40 radio and the clubs. Daps & lbs are in order for Shellback and Max Martin for weaving together a hit with Usher that is every bit as catchy and repeatable as his previous single More. Matter of fact, they both sound really alike, so if you enjoyed his slightly overplayed last single, you'll like this one too.

His new album drops June 12th, which means there's plenty more Usher to come this summer...#KeepItLocked

Usher - Scream (prod by Shellback & Max Martin)


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