Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Damn I’m Killing Them, I Know They Feeling Me Now"

Anybody who took a glance at the tracklist to @bobatl's upcoming album Strange Clouds took notice of the track below. I say that because why you see @chrisbrown and @tip on a track with Bobby Ray, it's usually a safe assumption that the track will end up being a future single. While I can't confirm that, the easy listening hook and "I made it" style uplifting lyrics seem to support my future single prediction. It helps too, that @thedoctorluke surfaced on the production credits. Anything he touches lately has turned to gold and about 1 out of every 3 tracks the past two weeks has had his name on it.

Strange Clouds is slated to hit iTunes and stores on May 1st, but if you're chomping at the bit to hear it in it's entirety, all you need to do is go to his album page and give him a quick Twitter shout out to get full streaming access to the album a few days early. Kudos to Atlantic/Grand Hustle and B.O.B.'s A&R for thinking outside of the box and doing something that nobody has done before. They clearly get that the internet generation doesn't like it when record companies try and force you to buy an album as opposed to copping it for $Free.00 via various internet outlets. I like their new olive branch technique that requires only requires fans to do what they do on a daily basis by shooting out a quick tweet with the #StrangeClouds hash tag. Ideas like the tweet promo to gain streaming access prior to the album release are much more respectable than say releasing a few different forms of your album at different retail outlets to maximize the profitability of an album (see 5 bonus tracks on the Target version). At least give us the option of buying the bonus disk separate...#smh 

B.O.B. feat Chris Brown & T.I. - Arena (prod by Dr. Luke)


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