Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tiesto & Wolfgang Gartner Own the Night

Is it me or did the term EDM all the sudden become a widely accepted and used acronym on the internet? I mean, I'm not claiming to be the most pop culture forward blogger by any means, but when blogs that I read who primarily post Hip Hop all the sudden start using the term like it's common knowledge, it's noteworthy. Don't get it twisted though, I don't mind at all that there's a term encapsulating all sub-genres of dance music like Electro, Eurodance, Techno, House, Trance, and of course, everyone's new favorite, Dubstep.

Not that we're all on the same page with terminology, I'm here to inform you of an epic EDM collaboration. This week @tiesto and @WOLFGANGGARTNER released a ridiculously awesome song called We Own the Night featuring the vocals of @lucianacaporaso. Like just about every dance single, it takes a few minutes to build, but the apex of the track is about as dance-worthy as it comes. The synth madness and sultry vocals hit the spot and should be a potent recipe for a few rugs to be cut around the world. Perfect driving home from work on a Friday track, please don't hesitate to indulge in excess, preferably with the windows down...#DontBeSelfish

Tiesto & Wolfgang Gartner feat Luciana - We Own the Night


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