Friday, April 20, 2012

Videos of the Week April 20th

I'm still not sure what to think about the 2Pac hologram performance with @snoopdogg and @drdre at Coachella this week. Was it really cool hearing a vignette of 2Pac rap again onstage? Yea, I'd say it was probably a pretty awesome, albeit chilling experience. I really hope the powers that be treat it with kid gloves like it's another form of human cloning. I say that because I might get sick to my stomach if some record exec forks over the money to choreograph a whole hologram show, so that he can rake in millions on the likeness of a legend. I slightly doubt it will come to that, but still, money talks and this week it was yelling.

As a quick sidebar, it was cool seeing @rihanna belt out Bob Marley's Redemption Song in concert. She's got the island accent and the high octane vocals to pull it off man. Sort of fitting I threw a @RITAORA video in there too this week. Maybe they really are twins? #Twins!!
2Pac Hologram Perfoms at Coachella with Dr. Dre & Snoop

Rita Ora - How We Do (Party) (Video)

Kevin Cossom - Overflow (Video)

Rihanna Sings Bob Marley's Redemption Song (Live)

Slaughterhouse - Hammer Dance MTV Preview


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