Sunday, April 22, 2012

"I Said Girl What You Drinkin', Be Careful This Ain't Water"

Even though the left coast has been relatively forgotten since the inception of Gangster Rap, all is still well in the land of Hyphy. Enter the newest East Bay Area group to make noise, @startingsix. Made up of six friends with industry quality nicknames (Bread, Nic Nac, Riggz, Fess, Goose and Big Steve) who played high school basketball together, The Starting Six are about as close to accidentally famous as you get. What I mean by accidentally famous is they basically put together a home video of Thirsty (Part 1) that ended up getting 10,000 views the first week. Right now that video is up to 1.6 million views, but more notably, they did a much more party friendly version of the song in She Thirsty (Part 2). Video below...

Now if you're not quite up on how the Bay Area works, they're all about their slanguage. I swear I need a damn decoder ring to understand some of crazy, random, otherworldly craziness that @e40 pops off on some tracks. The Starting Six grew up listening to E-40 and Mac Dre, so it's no surprise that they're following in the footsteps of their predecessors. If you're not sure what thirsty means, you're not alone, I got you. In the past year or so, much has been made in Hip Hop of the terms thirst or curve, which Nerds At the Cool Table does an excellent job of describing with examples on their site. The terms are defined below:
What exactly is, “thirst,” or, “being thirsty?”
Thirst – the act of exhibiting blatant or subtle desperation for the attention, recognition, validation, or affection of another; in a sober state, the act may or may not be direct; in an inebriated state, the act is direct, aggressive, and forthright; at the root of “thirst” is horniness, and it can only be combated with a “curve.”

What exactly is “the curve?“
Curve – the act of combating blatant or subtle desperation for the attention, recognition, validation, or affection of another; a curve is most often indirect, but the meaning behind it is always implied; the things women or men say and do to avoid someone who is interested in them.
- Credit: Nerd At a Cool Table
Fellas, it's important to get up on these terms because you don't want to be called out on getting curved by a women. Nothing worse than getting called out and not even knowing it because you aren't up on the slang.

Slanguage aside, The Staring Six released their debut album titled Let's Talk About S6x last July. By now everyone has heard This Ain't Water, but their follow up single Yogi takes a page right out of @traviemccoy's book with their catchy, acoustic rap feel. Again to catch you up on the slang, Yogi means to have sex with a girl using no condom. As a quick sidebar, I love slanguage that is innately dirty, but is able to be hidden behind cartoons or children stories. What immediately came to mind after hearing Yogi, was Gonzo...and by Gonzo I mean this. I can't think of a more appropriately inappropriate video than the one below:

To sum it up, if you're into drunk, crazy party music, you'll probably enjoy The Starting Six because they practice what they preach...#AlwaysGoinHam

Starting Six feat Mann - This Ain't Water (She Thirsty Part 2)


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