Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Man We Out Here Tryna Function!"

Been a minute since I've posted a Bay Area track that is booty-shake worthy. I think @Drake's The Motto was the last hyphy track I posted, but E-Fonzarelli's new single Function is just as hype. Check the video for the original track below featuring @ITSAPROBLEM, @yg and @iamsu...

Much of the credit should probably go to @trenddaddy who crafted the beat, but @e40's slanguage laced verse is what will end up getting the most love I'm betting. You'd think he was speaking another language talking about "sucka repellant" and "word candy slang", but that's the norm for 40. My favorite creative concoction is his has got to be gorilla milk, but Captain Save a Hoe is a close second.

Call it value added with @chrisbrown on the remix. I'll take this version any day of the week over the original...#ThatsWassup

E-40 feat Chris Brown - Function (Remix)


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