Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"I Hit Her With That Pipe, Call That Nancy Kerrigan"

About a month ago, there were whispers circulating around the blogs regarding a new single from @bobatl. Those rumors were legitimized when he started performing a new track called Strange Clouds at his latest concerts in Colorado and Syracuse. Now before go 0-60 with the expectations, you'd better check them at the door because there is little to no chance he's going to make as much noise as he did with his first two singles from his debut album (Nothin' on You, Airplanes- 141 million views on that...damn!). If you're more about sampling than reading, the video below should set the stage as far as what you can expect...
I'll be the first to admit, I was hoping for a home run too, especially after seeing the @liltunchi feature. To say I was let down after first listen is unfair, though, because as calmer minds prevailed, I reminded myself of the same fact that I led off the post with. Temper the expectations because it'll be hard to reach the levels he did with his first album. 

Funny thing is, after a couple days of listening to it, I'm not finding myself singing the hook and vibing to it a little more each day. So what if the ceiling isn't as high, it's still a solid track and has me excited as hell for his sophomore album. No details yet on the album itself, but the fact that a lead single, which was supposed to be out Oct 3rd and then got pushed up a week due to the leak, made it to iTunes already, is good news.

B.O.B. feat Lil Wayne - Strange Clouds


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