Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"We Can't Wait to Burn it To the Ground"

Even though I primarily post Hip Hop/R&B/EDM music on a daily basis, there are a few Alt Rock groups that I've always really enjoyed. I've always believed that the most consistent and awesome live show that I've seen multiple times is @311. Big or small venue, their wide array of sounds and flavors always translates to a great live performance. On the flip side, if you want to attack it from a more classic perspective, Rage Against the Machine will always be on my concert bucket list. Now if they'd only get back together and go on tour...#IWish

In that same upper echelon of high energy, slightly Hip Hop flavored rock is where @LINKINPARK lives. Even though @CHESTERBE gets a lot of the publicity for being the lead singer, the main reason I've always been such a fan of Linkin Park is @m_shinoda. From the start the way he's been able to produce and rap on the majority of their singles has been the highlight. Also, Linkin Park aside, his Rising Tied album that he released as Fort Minor will always be classic in my mind. I'd be remiss if I din't give a shout out to Linkin Park's resident DJ/Turntablist @joehahnlp whose scratches, keyboard work and background vocals give the group an added element that not a lot of bands have.

Their new singles below, Burn it Down, is a characteristically synth laden, melodic track. It's got a whole lot of harmony from Chester, a few well delivered bars by Mike Shinoda and production from the legendary Rick Rubin. It's the Top 40 single that'll give their new album Living Things a solid boost in hype and sales when it hits shelves on June 26th. I don't know about you guys, but I'm pumped to hear their new album...#Anticipation

Linkin Park - Burn it Down (prod by Mike Shinoda & Rick Rubin)


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