Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Cataracs & Waka Flocka Want All You Tonight

What do you get when you mix the production of @thecataracs with the belligerent yelling of @wakaflockabsm and the melodic vocals of a @kaskade track? An interesting, bass-infused party track. It's got The Cataracs signature synth horns and enough high energy shouting to make sure you understand it's supposed to be a loud party track. The reason it works, though, is the offsetting soft vocals that sample Kaskade's track All You (below):

I love the creative sampling among EDM artists and the track below is no exception. It's probably going to be released on The Cataracs upcoming about 12 that is due out sometime guessed it, 2012. It'll be the first studio release from the duo since 2009 and I'm hoping it'll be chalked full of plenty other interesting concoctions like All You. Cop it if you like it and don't forget to have a #HappyEaster...

The Cataracs feat Waka Flocka & Kaskade - All You (prod by The Cataracs)


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