Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Can You Blow My Whistle Baby, Whistle Baby?"

Seeing that @official_FLO can't do anything but produce singles that shoot to the top of iTunes charts, it's only fitting that he'd go three for three on singles on his upcoming album Only One Rida (Part 2). First it was @avicii sampled Good Feeling, which may never fall off the charts, then he came just as strong with the help of @siamusic on Wild Ones. Whistle on the other hand is a stark contrast to the other two, serving as more of an airy, sing along to an acoustic guitar. Sure, it's got the trademarked Flo-Rida repeatable hook, but the whistle is what embeds itself in your cerebellum after a few listens.

Good news is, Flo's new album is due out in July and so far he's chalked it full of nothing but singles. I've got serious doubts he can continue his torrid and insatiable desire for #1 singles, but you never know with the pace he's on. Shout out to @djfranke on the production in helping craft this soon to be hit. Whether it's Jason Derulo, Madonna, Chris Brown or Kanye, DJ Frank-E has gotten the attention of lots of great artists and deservedly so. Dude knows how to craft up a single!...#Underrated

Flo-Rida - Whistle (prod by DJ Frank-E)


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