Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"The Bigger the Bill, the Harder You Ball"

It may seem like @realwizkhalifa just released Rolling Papers, but surprisingly, it's been a whole year since his big time studio debut dropped. It should come as no surprise that Wiz is continuing to strike while the iron is hot with a follow up album titled O.N.I.F.C (Only N****a in First Class). I'll put it this way, if your brand of music was so well liked last year that you ended up making 11 million dollars in 2011, why not set a goal to make $100 million this year? Even better, why not push it to the limit and collaborate with @drdre while you're at it?

The track below, Work Hard, Play Hard is Wiz's very radio friendly lead single off his upcoming album due out August 28th. It's got the production pedigree with Stargate (who produced Black and Yellow and Roll Up) and @itsbennyblanco (produced Stereo Hearts and Payphone) cooking up the beat. The verses go harder than most Wiz tracks, but the hook is a sugary, 360 windmill dunk. You can bet the Taylor's will be coming out of the woodwork in support for his new single that is cut from the same cloth as his previous Rolling Paper singles. Me, I've got no problem at all with that since I was such a big fan of his last album...#NoSophomoreSlump

Wiz Khalifa - Work Hard, Play Hard (prod by Stargate & Benny Blanco)


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