Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Livin' Life Like a Race Car, Tryin' Not to Crash"

Just because you aren't a household name yet in Hip Hop doesn't mean that you don't already have the respect of Hip Hop opinion leaders on the internet. No, I don't quite have the audacity to suggest that I'm in that select crowd, but if you're an up and coming Hip Hop artist and you've got the attention of said opinion leaders, then you're definitely on the right path. I felt like I needed to preface this post with that statement because @SHAWNCHRYS is a great example of a really talented dude who does it all (writes, produces, raps). I've written about him on a couple of occasions and have tried to do my best to get his name out for that reason.

There's word that his debut studio album My Name is Shawn is coming soon and I'm betting that his catchy new track below will surface as a single on the album. His on-point, pitter-patter flow on Til the End of Tonight puts on full display his lyrical abilities over a simple beat provided by PM. I can promise you that after a few listens you'll be repeating the hook word for word. Add this track his other new one, H-Town and now we're talking about a pretty solid foundation for an album.

To catch yourself up on his music, I'd give his latest mixtape Silent Films for the Blind a quick listen. You'll be equally as entertained by the video for his track The Hangover. Lots more to come from Shawn and I for one am pumped for his debut album...#ComingSoon

Shawn Chrystopher - Til the End of Tonight (prod by PM)


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