Monday, April 02, 2012

The Recipe = Women, Weed and Weather

If you're like me, you damn near leaped out of you computer chair when you learned @kendrick_lamar's lead single off his new album featured @drdre. By now it's clear that the Good Doctor has chosen Kendrick as his protege to be Compton's new prince and deservedly so, since he's got more talent and tenacity on the mic than anybody in Cali (not named Crooked I).

If you're expecting a set the world on fire, classic Dr. Dre produced club banger, you're going to be let down by The Recipe. I say that because it's more of a smooth, laid back, breezy track that holds it's weight lyrically rather than with the beat. That's not to say that @SCOOPDEVILLE's production is anything less than head nod worthy, it's dope too in it's own right.

What I'm trying to say is it wasn't exactly what I was expecting or hoped for, but I do enjoy the track. It was cool to hear Dr. Dre on the mic contributing a couple verses on a track rather than chip in on the instrumental. The track is slated to be the lead single off Kendrick's upcoming Aftermath debut, Good Kid In A Mad City. No confirmed release date on the album (although there are late summer rumors), but a lead single goes a long way in pushing a release date. Hopefully this is only the beginning of future collaborations between the young and old Compton royalty...#BestIsYetToCome

Kendrick Lamar feat Dr. Dre - The Recipe (prod by Scoop Deville)


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