Monday, April 23, 2012

"The Wealth Attracts You Haters Like Mosquitoes to a Well"

In what's shaping up to be a respectable sophomore effort, @bobatl's latest single off the album is about as real as it comes. Since it's now pop culture to talk about first world problems that fame brings, Bobby Ray took to the mic and aired out quite a bit of raw emotion on So Hard to Breathe. To be completely honest, when I saw @alexdakid and @BEIMAEJOR on the song's production credits, my expectations for the track immediately hit the ceiling. It's not a stretch to say that both are in my top ten favorite producers in the game, so I figured they could do no wrong collaborating with an artist in my live starting five.

While I wasn't exactly let down by the track, I also wasn't all that impressed by the track because it was pretty vanilla all around. The only real spice came from the anger and struggle Bobby spit on the track when he talked about flipping over tables as fans congratulated him on his million record sales. The live band feel and vocalization work well with his style, but there's a difference between a vocalist and a rapper than can hold a tune. I'm more of a fan of the Bobby Ray that raps and does a sing along hook. Sorta like @realwizkhalifa, who manages to do both and pull it off. On the flip side, I'm not as big of Bobby when he comes off as a vocalist.

Being let down is a product of expectations and when it comes to three of my favorite artists on one track together, I expect the world. I'm still excited as hell fro Strange Clouds, which drops in a week on May 1st. You can bet there will be more than a fair share of hidden gems on the album that neither you or I have heard yet. Check the snippets here, if you're super eager. Me I'm cool, I'll wait on the real deal...#Patience

B.O.B. - So Hard to Breathe (prod by Alex da Kid & Bei Maejor)


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