Thursday, April 05, 2012

CyHi Holds Down the A-Town Like a Prynce

"Ridin' in the Cutlass smokin' on a black,
Man it don't get mo' Decatur than that!"
If you weren't sure whether or not Hotlanta was in fact the epicenter of Southern Hip Hop, your mind will be made up after listening to @cyhitheprynce's new ATL anthem. We've heard the rep yo home town team track like @slimthugga did for the Houston Texans and the rep yo state track like @DAREALPETEY did with Raise Up, but the attempts to uplift a large city as a whole have been few and far between. And that's probably for good reason because the absolute last thing you'd ever want to be known for is not repping your city to the fullest.

In other words, it takes some balls to try and cook up anthem that a city known for Hip Hop will be impressed by. With the help of two of Decatur's most notable alumni @bobatl and @iamtravisporter, Stone Mountain native CyHi was able to step up to the plate. I use the baseball reference because the Braves are mentioned quite bit on the track with Chipper Jones getting a special shout out. What will end up instilling the most pride is the Tomahawk Chop sample on the beat. Sure it helps that Bobby Ray and CyHi both killed their verses, but you can only do so much wrong with a dope beat like the one on A-Town. I wish I could come through with a production credit, but Google let me down. What I do know is that this is the first single off CyHi's new mixtape titled The Ivy League Club, so keep an eye out for that...#ComingSoon

CyHi The Prynce Ft Travis Porter & B.O.B.- A-Town


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