Monday, July 11, 2011

X Games Now Embracing Hip Hop Culture

Maybe it's because @travisbarker has been crossing over to Hip Hop of late? Maybe it's because young, up and coming artists like @Yelawolf enjoy rubbing shoulders with the BMX crowd? Or if you're gonna go back to the beginning, what about Kick, Push by @LupeFiasco?

Whatever it is, if you would have asked me even 5 years ago if we'd hear @ghostfacekillah ferociously spitting bars over a @JustBlaze beat with halfpipe highlights running on the background, I might have told you to ease up on that lean. In case you missed the commercial, feel free to press play and enjoy the trippy animation below...
Off Ghost's 2006 album Fishscale, it's pretty clear The Champ never really got it's due for being the standout track it is. As such, dap is in line for the folks at the four letter network for unearthing the under appreciated classic and being unafraid to cement the bridge between Hip Hop and X Games. For those of you googling to find out what track it was in the commercial, hopefully you're not disappointed with where you ended up, I gotcha back. Feel free and cop it a couple different ways below and drag that somb itch to iTunes like I did...#CardioWorthyTrack

Ghostface Killah - The Champ (prod by Just Blaze)


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