Saturday, July 09, 2011

"Run Run Run, That Girl's Gonna Run"

Supposedly off @theknux's upcoming album, Eraser, @itskrispykream and Joey enlist the help of @wizardcud on their rock flavored single. The hook has sort of a beach boys type feel and fits conveniently with the new rock vibe Cudder has been puttin' on of late. Think @TravieMcCoy with a little less pop and a look that would make @lennykravitz proud...that's The Knux in a nutshell.

There's always room for more instrumentation, which is why groups like The Knux get time and space dedicated to them on my blog. Anything different, genre-bending, weird, creative or different has a place on my blog...especially when a dose of Scotty is added. Still wondering if we're going to get that A Man Named Scott mixtape before his 2 Be Continuum release. We'll see, this will suffice for now...

The Knux feat. Kid Cudi – Run


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