Sunday, July 17, 2011

"I Can’t Concentrate on My Contra, Yes I Play Nintendo Still"

Tough call on whether to give the nod here to @techn9ne or the Latin Teddy Ruxpin, @joellortiz. It's hard to go against Tech who has literally blazed his own path with a do it my own way, independent approach that relyies heavily on his uniquely "dark diction" that has become so powerful over the years, it has created opportunities for new artists (cough cough @fucktyler). I joke, but really the only thing missing is a cameo from @fucktyler who seems to be travelling down the path Tech created with his own line-stepping, schizophrenic, bi-polar lyrics. Tech has been incredibly persistent over the years by amassing such a collection (13 studio albums!) of great music that the public couldn't help but accept his Strange Music style of scary beats and verses. Mr. YAOWA put it best himself by quoting Kanye's famous quote when he tweeted...
Word has it Joell's version will surface on his new The Life & Times of Sebastian Rios mixtape due out later this summer. If you're not familiar with a lot of Joell's stuff, this is a good track to start with because his verses are on point and show off his lyrical creativity. It's hard to top Tech N9ne at his own style, but dammit if it could be done Joell did it. Both are highly recommended, especially when you factor in the rock solid hook by @bobatl.

I need a larger sample size, do y'all think the whole dark diction trend is for real?

Tech N9ne feat Hopsin & B.O.B. - Am I a Psycho?

Joell Ortiz feat Pharoahe Monch & B.O.B. - Am I a Psycho?

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