Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Javier Colon is the Man

Now that @javstwtr has won NBC's The Voice, he's went from a music industry journeyman to a star overnight. Before I get ahead of myself, you need to check out the duet he did with Stevie Nicks when they sang Landslide on the finale...
I can only imagine what it would be like to sing or play with one of my idols on a such a huge stage with max exposure. To go from being a well traveled 33 year old with two kids about to throw in the towel on an underwhelming career to an overnight star is so improbable it's mind-jengaing (boggle gets too much love). In the day and age where kids are groomed to be stars from grade school, it's nothing short of a miracle that a guy with a voice this good could go unnoticed for this long. If he were playing sports, they'd be drug testing him for PEDs, but instead he's just an artist who didn't get the exposure he needed and now he's a star with a new recording contract and $100,000...#CapitolRecordsFail

Regardless of whether or not the @justinbieber connection through @adamlevine's manager and subsequent support tweet was what got him over the edge doesn't matter because the way he lit it up every week on that show would have landed him a deal no matter what.
Also, if you haven't noticed, Javier is holdin' down that Numba One Spot!! on iTunes currently with his new single Stitch By Stitch. His vocals over acoustic are dangerous, but combine that with the talents and production ability of both Adam Levine and @only1darkchild, there's little doubt why it's so lethal...

Javier Colon - Stitch By Stitch (New Single #1 on iTunes)

As a bonus since I love y'all and since y'all are absolutely in love with everything Javier is puttin' out, feel free to stream a few other tracks that have landed on iTunes top 100 as a result of The Voice...

Javier Colon feat @Angela_Wolff -  Stand By Me (Studio Version)

Javier Colon - Time After Time (Studio Version)

Javier Colon - Fix You (Studio Version)


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