Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"I Got a Sex Drive That's Push to Start"

I've got a short list of up and coming producers that I make a concerted effort to track down any and every track that show their name on the production credits. Near the top of that list is @thecataracs, who have had a meteoric rise following their #1 single they produced with @fareastmovement. Since then we've seen them get Wet with @SNOOPDOGG, rent out the Penthouse with @/donnisxdonnis, climb to the Top of the World by themselves and most recently advise girls not so subtly that they look Better with the Lights Off.

This time, up and coming electro/dance artist @DEVisHot is the pilot following The Cataracs lead. You might remember her being the one delivering the "Poppin' bottles in the ice!" on G6, as well as the high pitched hook on Top of the World, which are both a little different from her new single In the Dark. Before I tell you why I like it, check it her new video for the single below...
Yea if The Cataracs beat doesn't get you goin' with those swanky horns and addictive dance tempo, you are at the wrong site man. It's a classy, contemporary club track that will find it's way onto every DJ's playlist this summer. And in case it's "not Hip Hop enough" for you, don't worry, @kanyewest took care of that with an intro and verse that extended it's likability to a slightly overlapping, but different demographic. For me it's not a stretch, I love it when Hip Hop goes club, y'all know that by now.

Dev's new album The Night the Sun Came Up is due out September 20th and will also include her other singles like Bass Down Low and Booty Bounce. Oh and if you're needing a good cardio track, elevate this to the top of this week's iTunes playlist and you'll run faster. Don't believe me? Then get in shape fatty!

Dev feat Kanye West - In the Dark (Remix) (prod by The Cataracs)


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