Monday, July 04, 2011

Best of Planking in Hip Hop

It's not everyday that a worldwide fad is started by Australians, but the whole Planking craze can be traced back to the land down under. Back in May, it took the country by storm as Brisbane, Australia police warned of the dangers of planking following the first of what will probably be more than a few tragedies, as plankers continue to push the completely flat, downward facing envelope. (Note: At time of publish 436,000 likes on FB)

It took a few months, but the ripples of the odd craze were eventually felt in the US when all the sudden everyone was posting plank photos on Twitter. It's all cause and effect and the cause of it becoming a craze in the US was hugely in part to Twitter and the opinion leaders on Twitter (celebrities), taking part in the trend. Like anything else odd and potentially dangerous, when planking or the laying down game is done in safe surroundings, it can be entertaining to see people rigidly balancing between or on top of two objects in creative ways. This week Hip Hop had their run with planking as it adopted it's own index-able way to segment the fad with the hash-tag #PlankLife. Below are a couple of my favorites, along with a photo album of the highlights...
@BigSean Planking
@joebudden Planking
@thegame Planking in Studio
@bigboi Planking
@DIPLO Planking on Elephant
@djafrojack Planking
Check the photo album below for more planking highlights...


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