Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lil Twist is Makin New Money for Young Money

Being @liltunchi's Young Money protege is no small task, but @LILTWIST is starting some notable music. For me, it started when I heard his hook on Wayne's track Popular, my personal favorite off I Am Not a Human Being. Now it's continuing with his new single featuring @mishon, who has never really been fully appreciated for the solid singles that have flown under the radar the past couple years.

Collab aside, the second I heard the beat on this track I knew I had heard it somewhere. After a quick search of the archives I found a song that was labeled as being by @colbyodonis called OMG. Update: Colby set the record straight in response to the post, saying he's not the one who did the track OMG. And I dare you to Google to find out who did it because nobody knows.
Like I said, don't ask me who originally did it, all I know is the beat is catchy as hell with bouncy and vibrant synths dominating the instrumental. Also, not sure who ultimately deserves credit on the beat (big surprise), but whoever you are, you're in line for some daps & lbs because two noteworthy artists thought your beat was good enough to try and make a single out of. If you haven't heard the original, check it below...

Unknown Demo Singer? - OMG
In my humble opinion, I like the newer version better, but both are worth writing about and are quality in their own right. Even though it's not exactly a cannoball lead single, it's still a good intro to Lil Twist who is slated to be alllll over Carter 4 when it drops on August 29th. Sounds like there will be a few slower tracks for the ladies?
In case you missed it this week, Lil Weezy dropped a new Sorry 4 the Wait mixtape last week where he apologized for the album delay on damn near every track. Still a month left til we get to see what he was workin' on during his vacation to Rikers. I may be more intrigued with Watch the Throne after seein' the production credits tho...#HipHopOwnsAugust

Lil Twist feat Mishon - New Money


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