Monday, July 25, 2011

What Would...the Music Be...Without Soundz?

It's been a while since I've been as awestruck by a track as I was on first listen of @KELLYROWLAND's new track Make Believe. There was just somethin' about the calm, steady tempo of the beat that drew me into Kelly's vocals. Then, at the 4:37, mark it all made sense when I heard the all to familiar "What would...the music be...without Soundz" that serves at the tag line for beatsmith @SoundzDope.

If you've read my blog before you've probably noticed me raving about the Soundz Kenneth Coby is capable of producing. As a quick catch up for all of you who are unfamiliar, he produced all of the tracks below:
Mario feat Rihanna - Emergency Room (prod by Soundz)

Red Cafe - Hottest in the Hood (prod by Soundz)

@dontaepeeps - Throw it All Away (prod by Soundz)

That Dontae track is still one of my favorite R&B ballads of all time. Dude brought his A game over the peaceful piano backdrop that Soundz provided. You may have heard @Akon do a demo version of Emergency Room with Rihanna too?

Now that you're familiar, give the track below a listen and tell me the beat isn't on point like @CP3. I'm finding it extremely hard to believe this didn't make the final tracklist of Kelly's new album Here I Am that will be hitting iTunes tomorrow. Put this together with Motivation and'd have an album with three solid singles to go with a list of tracks produced by the best (Stargate, Jim Jonsin, Darkchild, The Runners, Ne-Yo, Tricky Stewart, RedOne). As an aside, look out for her new single feat @bigsean called Lay It On Me, which isn't nearly as good of a track as Make Believe, but who am I to pass judgment...#NotEvenTrippin

Average at best is my answer to Soundz tag line in regards to Make Believe. Feel free to left click, drag to newest iTunes playlist and hit that little button that looks like two arrows goin' in a circle...#ThatsRepeatForYouSlowKids

Kelly Rowland - Make Believe (prod by Soundz)


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