Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Please Show Love, Make Way For the Bad Girls Club"

The supposed first single off @wale's upcoming MMG debut release, Ambition. With the help of @JColeNC on the song below, I was reminded for the first time in a while why I like Wale. Honestly, after listening to Self Made Vol. 1,I thought the MMG signing was the worst possible career decision for Wale because his unique Go-Go sound would get flushed right down the drain in favor of the bland, cliche lyrics with no substance over attention grabbing beats that @rickyrozay has been known for. The track below, along with Bait (which I actually like more as a single) give me more faith that his decision wasn't a complete money grab.

Don't get it twisted though, I'll need to give Ambition a full listen before a sell out verdict is made, but I'm less than certain that my decision to unfollow @wale was a good decision. You've got my attention back Mr. Folarin, your two last tracks were straight up dope, keep it up homie and you'll find your way back in my live starting 5 with Drake, B.O.B., Cudi, J Cole and (newly added) @bigsean.

Wale feat J Cole - Bad Girls Club (prod by J Cole)


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