Sunday, July 10, 2011

"So Certified USDA Brand Dude From PA Man"

Couple low key, smooth leaks from @chuckisdope and @sirmichaelrocks upcoming album When Fish Ride Bicycles. Surprising we're less than a week before it officially hits iTunes on July 12th and it hasn't fully leaked to the masses, which is a rarity. Put it this way though, when you've waited a couple years for a follow up album, what's a few days right? Yea, I'm cool snackin' on these two joints til I get to cop the album in it's entirety.

And it's shaping up to be a mellow, organic sounding effort from what I've heard so far. Pretty cool to see TCK collab with the likes of Pharrell and @bunbtrillog, but again, if you're a fan of Chuck and Mikey, you're not gonna buy their music because you recognize a few names on the back of the album. They've got a unique enough of a sound and dedicated following to not have to get high profile names on their work to push records. Still can't hate though, the Pharrell produced Summertime is breezy and fit for warm weather, while Gas Station feels like it was doused with a pint of Texas Tea. Heavy bass and a simple hook over a slow, steady pitter patter drum backbone give it a Texas Hip Hop flavor that is hard to resist. With every listen I'm sucked in and find myself steady head nodding to the beat and fighting the urge to let loose a few ba ba ba ba ba bum badas.

It's been a while that I've been so in an artist's corner to sell as many records as possible because they deserve to have more success and notoriety than they currently have. The Cool Kids would be that exception, so feel free and use that iTunes gift cert you've had sittin' on the dresser since Christmas on some high quality Hip Hop on July 12th...#CopThatIsh or stream the whole album here if you want a taste...

The Cool Kids feat Bun-B - Gas Station

The Cool Kids feat Maxine Ashley - Summer Jam (prod by Pharrell)


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