Saturday, July 02, 2011

"I Got Bang, New Jeeps, No Doors, No Top"

Back with a vengeance, @dopeitsdom is back with another fierce release that'd put most studio albums to shame. Serving as a follow up to his 2010 mixtape The Original Dom Kennedy, From the Westside With Love II is his first real, full length, "check it out I'm on iTunes type of release." Since he's still stiff arming the Major labels by staying on his Independent label grind, it's admirable he's been able to generate as much publicity for himself and it speaks to his likability.

Anyways, for obvious reasons the track below will jump out at you as one you need to check out off the new album. @thecoolkids presence will always jack up the assumed quality, mostly due to the production credits of @chuckisdope, but that's not to discount the smooth mellow flows of @SirMichaelRocks. Add in a few bars by @asherroth over a bouncy, head nod worthy beat and a repeatable've got buzz track with bass.

I haven't even given the album a full lap yet, so I can't speak on personal favorites yet, but all signs point toward this being a progression forward as far as mixing quality and quantity for Dom. As such, you should consider (like I did) an iTunes purchase as a sign of gratitude to a cat whose still makin' it on his own terms I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T (Do you know what that means?!?!?!) #WebbieVoice

Dom Kennedy Ft. Asher Roth & Sir Michael Rocks - New Jeeps (prod by Chuck Inglish)


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