Sunday, July 03, 2011

"I’m a Cataclysmic Culturally Offensive Don’t Give a Sh** Bum"

Ever since the signing of @Yelawolf to Shady Records, I've been eagerly awaiting news on any sort of official release. That came a couple weeks ago when he announced the titled (Radioactive) and (always tentative) release date (September 27th) of his first high profile, full length release. According to all the rumors, the track below was said to be the first single off the disk, but that was quickly shot down by Yela yesterday via Twitter...
Single or not, the track is dope with the rhythmic, kick-drum aided, lyrical assault he unleashes. Unique doesn't quite do his delivery justice, it's choppy sorta like @TechN9ne, but with a weird mix of intellectual, machine-gun-quick syllable ridden, slum-style ghetto slang. It's abrasive, in your face, unapologetic, but every bit bouncy and funky at the same time. Hip Hop needs different and interesting artists that are so unafraid of blazing their own path that they don't get caught up in sounding like next-man. Expect all of the above adjectives describing Yelawolf to be splatted all over Radioactive when it drops in September. Stay tuned for that first single...

Yelawolf (ft. CyHi Da Prynce)- Gangsta Of Love


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