Thursday, July 14, 2011

"You Can Bring the Flames, I'ma Bring the Snowstorm"

If you haven't heard much from @gilbereforte, you better get learned quick because dude is about to become a household name when his new album 87 Dreams to Reality drops. I don't have a release date yet on the album, but coming soon seems about right with this being one hell of a lead single.

The track is actually somewhat if a retread since the original Burn Me Down was on his first album 87 Dreams. Seeing that it was most fans favorite track, he took the same beat delivered by @iamraak outfitted with new verses and a hot 16 from Young Money's own, @tyga. I feel downright foolish that I missed this one last year when it dropped, but I'm damned to make up for it by lettin' y'all know that Gilbere is done with being an artist making a living off mixtapes. If you don't get it, read his description below of his new track that is posted on his website where he offered up the track for free...
"It’s been a long journey. From releasing my first remixes and freestyles just two years ago to now stepping into the next chapter of my career…and life. This “Burn Me Down” record is more than just a new song featuring a crazy verse from the homey Tyga. Its the realization that this music shit is meant to be. Everything that has happened up to this point has happened for a reason. The people I’ve met throughout my life, the places I’ve been, and the things that i’ve beared witness….have all led up to this. It was all preparation for what I feel is about to happen.

Back to the record.
Those of you rocking with me since the beginning are already familiar with the original “Burn Me Down” off 87 Dreams. It was ALOT of people’s favorite song after the first listen of the project. So I felt it’s only right I give it new life (w/all new verses) as the introduction to my next solo project entitled 87 Dreams To Reality.
What is that you ask? Its what happens when you take a dream and make it your reality." - Source
Bout time that me and you start giving credit where credit is due. You can start by playing this heat rock loudly with friends around, the raw energy on the track will reel 'em in...#BetDat

Gilbere Forte feat Tyga - Burn Me Down (prod by Raak)


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