Wednesday, July 06, 2011

"I Was Born and Raised Here, I Got it Made Here"

Back in their hay day, Fall Out Boy used to dominate my iPod. And when I say that, let me be clear, we're talking about tracks pre-From Under the Cork Tree plus America's Suitehearts, which was tough in it's own right. I was sad that they seemed to hit a wall when industry success turned them into something I wasn't a big fan of anymore.

But all that is in the past now and @PETEWENTZ is still a lightning rod when it comes to being a celebrity...I'm still baffled by the insane amount of people that go just to watch him play guitar and talk between every song. As far as I'm concerned, the main reason I was a fan of FOB in the first place had to do with @patrickstump's Michael Jackson-esque vocals. Needless to say, I'm pumped that he's releasing a solo album titled Soul Punk and the track below will serve as the lead single. It'll be interesting to hear where the album goes because his voice caters to both R&B or punk (hence the album title).

Is it me or are @LUPEFIASCO's politically charged verses starting to getting a little tired? Sure Words I Never Said was big and made a huge statement that's he still trying to back up, but This City is an uplifting track all the way around and it's damn near hijacked by the depressing picture he paints of urban America. Poverty, racism, gentrification...dude leave it for a song that isn't so celebratory and uplifting. That's my two cents, Lupe please get back to tracks like this and this so that P Stump can continue being the whitest version of MJ that money can buy...

Patrick Stump feat Lupe Fiasco - This City


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