Monday, July 18, 2011

"Little Did I Know, Her Body Was One Delicious Vinyl"

It's hard to believe a half decade has passed since The Red Hot Chili Peppers released an album. To put things in perspective, their self titled debut album 27 years ago, before I was born in 1984! That's on some Rolling Stones type of longevity, crossing three decades with the length of their discography.

A few noteworthy items surround the release of their new single The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie. First off, it will be the lead single off their upcoming album I'm With You, due out August 30th. Secondly, the new album is produced by the legendary Rick Rubin, who produced their classic Californiacation album 12 years ago, back in 1999. You may also know him as the co-founder of Def Jam Records and current co-president of Columbia Records. Yeaaah, you could say he's been around the block and is probably one of the ten most influential record executives/producers in American music history.

Additionally, the video to the track below will be directed by @kreayshawn, who is more known for being an up and coming Hip Hop producer. She's become well known for her track Gucci Gucci which makes a pretty bold statement against expensive fashion as a whole. Not gonna lie, she looks like Gaga a lil bit and is every bit as audacious and in your face.

It's good to hear the fresh, pop-funk that the Chili Peppers consistently deliver. This one goes down smooth and will be available July 18th on iTunes, so feel free and go out and cop it legally since they accidentally let it leak a couple days ago...#Woops

Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie


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