Monday, January 17, 2011

"They Only Love Ya When Ya On"

I'd consider myself a passive fan of Chamillionaire music...and when I say passive I mean I'd probably never buy a whole album, but there are some songs that he puts out that snatch up my attention quicker than a Rosa Acosta/Amber Rose kiss. As an aside, much bigger fan of the Natalie Portman/Mila Kunis Black Swan scene, which was deemed a lit-tle too inappropriate for the internet.

Anyways, focus you pervs! Like I was saying, once every Hoegaarden(Blue Moon gets too much love for being average), @CHAMILLIONAIRE drops a dope track that immediately steals away my attention from all other music because it's kickassedness. The track below isn't just hot because Grammy Award winning producer Andrew Dawson (check out his mixing/engineering credits) did the beat, it's hot because Nipsey beats the breaks off his verse. Maybe it's the laid back West Coast feel of the beat (like something Westside Connection would go in on), but something about the way @NIPSEYHUSSLE sounds over it with his LA swag just fits.

I can see why they're callin' this Andrew Dawson cat Kanye's secret weapon, dude knows how to mix and engineer a beat. Matter a fact, after seein his production/mixing credits with Cudi, T.I. and damn near all of Kanye's albums, I'm starting to feel like he's got my attention every time he punches the clock. Definitely adding him to the list of behind the boards stars that deserve to be recognized every time they're on a track because they're just as important to the finished product you reading this ends up tasting.

This one will presumably be off Cham's upcoming release Venom due out in March. Feel free to cool out to this and admire the young spitta Nip Hussle, play button is a must and while you're at it check iTunes...

Chamillionaire feat Nipsey Hustle - When Ya On (prod by Andrew Dawson)


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