Friday, January 28, 2011

"Donne-moi des bouteilles de Conjure"

Case in point for a track that sells itself with @IAMDIDDY teaming up with @ludacris over a @THERUNNERS beat. Nothin' more refreshing to hear than The Runners trademark "Aaaahhhhh" because with it comes an expectation of quality that few producers can claim right now. Kinda like B.O.B.'s Not Lost, it's a damn shame this one didn't make the cut for @dirtymoneycrew's Last Train to Paris. Seeing that Diddy is a, I'm sure this track won't go un-monetized over time and will someday be made into a single, so no worries folks, this will probably be on iTunes soon enough. 'Til then feel free to sample below and follow word by word with Luda...
"Let’s take a little time off I,
Paid the cost to be the boss I'm fine
Your work, your bills, I’ma get them all off your mind
Let me get ‘em, and hit ‘em up with the rhythm,
Put them right where you want them,
then I’ma blow your brain
Diddy got the remedy for the enemies,
And The Runners is the gunners, so my flow go Bang!
I’m on the last train to Paris,
Lil Jerome , Bonjour
Donne-moi des bouteilles de Conjure (Gimme bottles of Conjure)
see we all just came to party
picture perfect for the paps, just pose
and when we start going in this club
you gon’ start comin’ off them clothes"
Diddy feat Ludacris - Tomorrow Tonight (prod by The Runners)


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