Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Buzz Track: Avery Storm feat Nelly - Supermodel

Wait what? You haven't heard of Ralph di Stasio? Yea you may recognize his stage name, Avery Storm, which packs a little more notoriety as he's been rubbing shoulders with the likes of Nelly, Diddy, Rick Ross, Wale to name a few. Below you'll find his newest single featuring @nelly_mo off his upcoming album Shotgun Love, due out in 2011.

What's cool about @Averystorm's story is that (for all intensive purposes) it started in 2001, when he got scooped up by Timbo's Beat Club records. Being called the next James Dean by Jimmy Iovine is no small compliment and it's a damn shame creative differences got in the way of him putting out an Interscope album that would have probably been blessed by a few @timbaland007 records. No sense dwelling on the what ifs though, as Avery landed at the Nelly led Deerty Ent and has flourished a bit in a cameo role on more than a few high profile tracks.

The time for judgment is coming soon for Avery in the form of a debut record. In my eye's he's 1 for 1 on the singles as he takes to the club for a bouncy, radio hit, heat rock that will implore more than a few women to treat their rear ends like they're made of Jell-O. The voice recognition of Nelly will only serve to drive up the ceiling of this track, which has potential to crack the tenuous airwaves that have become contemporary radio.

I think he sounds quite a bit like Mikey Posner, but to each their own, it's a good look, check it...

Avery Storm feat Nelly - Supermodel (prod by Blast Off)


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