Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brianiac Society Presents...Brain Candy

Below is the first in a series of videos and songs called "Brain Candy" released by Kidz in the Hall through the Chicago based urban lifestyle brand Brainiac Society (@brainiacsociety). Prior to the full track hitting the internet, we got a behind the scenes look of how @KIDZINTHEHALL member @double0kidz. Give it a look...
Being a huge fan of producers in general and having so much respect for how they creatively shape sounds, I've always been a sucker for the behind the scenes YouTube videos. It's easy to like the finished product of something that sounds great, but I feel like not a lot of people know what goes into creating and blending the samples into a beat. That's why whenever I come across a video like the one above, it's going to be the focal point of the post. Sure you could just scroll to the bottom and click play to find out yourself if you like what the final tastes like, but those of you who want to know what ingredients went into oven are the viewers I cater to and who hopefully enjoy the stuff I share....#SomebodyCares

Beat aside, a hot beat can sink if the delivery on the verses is sub-par, which is why @naledgekidz elevated his game up a notch to match the work his boy Double-0 did behind the boards. Be prepared for more to come and even more excited at the prospects of new material from one of the freshest duos in the game...

Kidz in the Hall - So Amzin'


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