Saturday, January 22, 2011

Buzz Track: The Script feat B.O.B. - Walk Away (Remix)

Sticking with the whole Hip Hop and Pop collabs, this one caught my eye for a couple reasons. The first being that a band I'm really starting to like, The Script, was able to recruit Contemporary Hip Hop's "new" superstar Bobby Ray to hop on a remix of song 9 off their latest album Science & Faith. The remix is exactly the same plus a few B.O.B. verses like the one below:
"As I fall, a thousand miles an hour
Downward, now that you're gone
I guess its true, words have power
I guess what I said left a taste so sour
In your mouth ya wanted me to see what life’s like withoutcha
So I lay awake, watchin’ DVDs
Season 1, season 2, even season 3
I’m sorry that I couldn’t be inside your fantasy
But if this aint what you want then you should leave"
Without @bobatl's verse, the song is an upbeat, emotional track that hangs it's hat on the background piano and strings that give it a more upbeat, rhythmic Coldplay sound to it. Now the second track I've written about by The Script, I wouldn't say I liked this as much as their first single For the First Time, but I'm really intrigued by their sound in general. After a couple more listens the lead singer Danny O'Donoghue reminds me of U2's lead singer @paul_hewson. They're onviously both from Ireland and that definitely comes off if you're familiar with both of their voices.

Give it a sample and even though The Script has waaaay more appeal in Europe and the UK, their sound works in the arena of Contemporary music in the US. You be the judge...

The Script feat B.O.B. - Walk Away (Remix)


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