Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Day Hip Hop Met Trance

When I first heard this track, I figured it was a cut and pasted trance remix of some random Busta Rhymes verse. Then I actually listened to the lyrics on the verses and heard @BUSABUSSS shouting out trance, as well as the uber talented producers of the track, @DIPLO and couldn't be? A legit Hip Hop and dance/trance collaboration? See it for yourself, the video is off the chain, Step Up style...
Is this the beginning of more things to come? First it was @davidguetta then @bot106, now we've got Tiesto and Diplo (who has been slightly Hip Hop from the start) getting on board with the Hip Hop flavor, I hope it continues. I will say though, the first verse on this track is a little clunky, but maybe that's because we aren't used to hearing it? Busta hits his stride as the tempo increases and the beat is unearthed, giving it more of a familiar feel and quality. The track just hit iTunes, feel free to cop it below...
TiĆ«sto vs. Diplo ft. Busta Rhymes – C’mon (Catch ‘Em By Surprise)


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