Monday, January 24, 2011

Buzz Track: Jay Sean feat Lil Wayne - Hit the Lights

Pretty hard not to get excited about Jay Sean's new single with Lil Wayne considering the damage they did on their first collaboration with Down. Betcha didn't know that single sold 6 million copies worldwide, with 4 million of that being purchased in the US. Those types of sales nowadays are unheard of and a great example of @liltunechi's pop culture influence and @JAYSEAN's emerging talent. I say emerging, but out of curiosity, I went back into the archives to figure out when Jay Sean first came across my radar and initially piqued my interest. The answer...April 9th, 2007, when I found his (now classic) track Ride It, that is every bit Pure Moods as it is baby makin' music...#BMM

Don't expect another slow jam or mid-tempo ballad this time as Hit the Lights is a direct assault on the dance floor. Put it this way, I had my roommate singing the hook after a few listens and he's a metal fan. You be the judge on where to go with that observation, but there isn't going to be much resistance as soon as this hits the radio, so get used to hearing it. Oh yea, be on the look out for Jay Sean's new album Freeze Time, supposedly due out Feb 22nd...

Jay Sean feat Lil Wayne - Hit the Lights [No DJ]


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