Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wiz & Snoop Collaborating is a GOOD LOOK

Seems appropriate I post a new-ish Wiz track with the Steelers taking care of bizness today with one hell of a second half comeback against the Ravens. Bet you didn't know your homie Snoop also dons the Black and Yellow every Sunday too...
The combination of a love for the Steelers and affinity for all that is marijuana seem to be the two things building the proverbial bridge from ol skool Hip Hop (@snoopdogg) to new school Hip Hop (@REALWIZKHALIFA). Below is a recent interview Snoop had with DJ Skee where he talks about the similarities between he and Wiz, their recent collaborations and how's he's bee a huge fan of Wiz before he blew up this year...
He also spoke on the straight to DVD movie titled High School they recently made together, which will be out April 20th. Wait a sec...April 20th...which is 04/20... coincidence? No worries kids, there will be absolutely no drugs in the movie...unless you count the copious amounts of weed that will eminently be smoked in the movie.

As far as the track is concerned, the chemistry is evident from the get go between the two brothers from another mother. I can't even begin to explain how perfect the beat on That Good meshes with both rappers laid back style. The hook is smooth and calming, but truth be told Wiz's verse is what stands out on the track. Doesn't even matter what he's talking about on the track, Wiz's delivery is as crisp as a freshly ironed part of khakis. In other words, if you want an example of why he's one of the best rappers out right now, go listen to that verse and try and tell me it isn't dope.

Anybody else notice #blackandyellow trending earlier today? Steeler nation rolls deep, there's no doubt about that, but we'll see if they can go up and win at Foxboro next weekend...#JetsPatsPrediction. Til then, feel free to zone out and kick it to this smooth track...

Wiz Khalifa feat Snoop Dogg - That Good


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