Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Nikon, Polo-roid, I Should Take a Photo Boy, Cause I Be on that A** Like that Man Who Ride the Polo Horse"

Like many others who have been a big fan of just about everything Pac Div puts out, I've been frustrated as a mug waitin' for their studio debut, Grown Kid Syndrome. Instead, we've gotta settle for yet another (presumably high quality) mixtape titled Mania!, which is *supposed* to be their last tune up before the get their real album out.

What's cool about @ITSPACDIV, if you haven't heard their music, is that it doesn't sound like anything else in Hip Hop. That unique sound is most notable to me because of their ability to incorporate heavy, room shaking bass into their beats, similar to the way Chuck Inglish does for the Cool Kids, without having it take over the focal point of the track. In other words it's easy to make a bass beat that you play loudly to drown out the vocals, but not so much with Pac Div, who consistently spit coherent verses with more than a few good metaphors/pop culture references (like the one in the title). Between the Cool Kids and Pac Div, you have the Live Starting Five who are truly on some other shit and represent a very small faction of Hip Hop that doesn't really care what everyone else sounds like because they're gonna make their music the way they know it since their brand of music is original and great in it's own right.

If you can't tell I'm a big fan, and you should be too because you're not going to be fed their music in the mainstream. But that's why you bookmarked this page in the first place and my recommendation to download is something that can go unsaid. Heads up though, 2011 is the year you'll get Grown Kid Syndrome and be the year When Fish Ride Bicycles...#UndergroundNoMore

Pac Div - Your F*cking Song


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