Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"The More You Wear to the Club, the More You Gotta Take Off"

As @REALWIZKHALIFA's buzz continues to increase exponentially, it's looking like Taylor Gang may be taking over the world...or at least a big chunk of Hip Hop. His newest leak, Exit Row is a characteristically laid back, carefree sing along that will sink it's teeth into you if you give it a fair listen. Couple bets about the track, the first being this will be on his upcoming album that supposedly due out March 29th. I say that because of how fast his camp was to react in making sure this song wasn't available for download at the usual places (hence you'll get the streaming below, sans the dl link...sorry folks, despite it being wintertime, I'm not a fan of getting chilled).

Taylor Gang will become omnipresent in 2011...watch...oh and the bandwagon is about at capacity, better get schooled on some of his older material before you get accused of only liking him because everyone else does....#TaylorGangOrDie...shortened #TGOD

Wiz Khalifa - Exit Row

Bonus: Is it me or does @snoopdogg fit in with Taylor Gang like beans n rice? No joke y'all, this song is cool as a freezer breeze, peep the That Good video...


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