Sunday, January 23, 2011


Sitting here watching the Steelers dismantle the Jets, I figured what better time than post the newly released P.A. anthem, brought to you by a Hip Hop mainstay from Philly (Freeway) and up and coming Pittsburgh native (Mac Miller). Although I currently reside in P.A., I never really grew up here, so I don't have that homegrown pride that would go along with listening to this track. That being said, I have lots of friends who are eating this up because they will forever rep where they grew up and there's respect for that. Sidebar: I'm not even close to a Steelers or Eagles fan, but I do respect Steelers nation because they treat football like religion, sorta like my kin folk do in Buckeye nation. Game respect game, I'm a fan of the track Black and Yellow and damn near everything the paper plane gang is putting out these days, so I guess you could say guilt by association?

All joking aside, @REALWIZKHALIFA has so much momentum going for him right now, it's not a surprise his Taylor Allderdice High School mate @macmiller is appreciating in exposure too. Put it this way, life is good if you're a Taylor Gang/Rostrum Records member right now and for a kid who has a bunch of raw talent, it's a perfect place to flourish. Keep your eye out for Mac Miller in 2011 and don't discount all the Philly love @phillyfreezer sprinkles all over the track, even going as far as to say, "Next year's Super Bowl Eagles vs Steelers!." Before your mind explodes at the mention of that, mind the beat and host of this track @statikselekt and go out cop his new EP with Freeway titled The Statik-Free EP....

Freeway & Statik Skeltah feat Mac Miller - P.A.


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