Monday, January 03, 2011

Skillz 2010 Rap Up

Ever since 2002, VA's own Skillz has carved his niche as the Hip Hop historian, annually weaving together a years worth of events and noteworthy happenings into one non-stop track. It's like clockwork, every year at the end of December, his version of notable events in the months that have led up to the end of the year are crafted into one cohesive thought with commentary thrown in here and there. If you're wondering what previous years' Rap Ups have sounded like, here are links to all previous years: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Below are the lyrics to 2010's version and it's every bit as witty and entertaining as past years. My favorites are the commentary on the Lebron situation and the mentioning of Angry Birds...definitely the last pop culture item I would have expected to hear on wax, but as an Angry Bird addict myself, I can appreciate. Give @skillzva a follow for the hard work he put in and support him on iTunes while you're at it...
"Aight, it’s time to get in
now where should I begin?
to run back the ratchetness to 2010
Profound Sounds, ya’ll cut the track up
I’ma get it in, this the 2010 Rap Up!

Now Waka Flocka went hard and got shot in the paint
Kelis went a little harder, took Nas to the bank
all that bread on the monthly, son that’s crazy
did I mention the fact she only had one baby?
Then the quake hit Haiti and left us in awe
so pray for them and pray you never see the things they saw
We Are The World got made just to donate bucks
no “I” in we though, I just think we f-cked that up
Sade came back and blessed the world with a gift
John Mayer went there and let the N-word slip
and Yung Berg got robbed by his peers
it’s not ’09 though, he just seems to do that every year
50 Cent tried to take out Ross
look like it ain’t work Fif, you might have to take that loss
Rozay, he had some heat
had everybody from the ‘burbs thinking they was Big Meech
Ross had a good year, that’s fact
But him bagging Stacey Dash?
Mmm, I don’t know ’bout that
now I might sound thirsty
but Erykah Badu’s video? Wooh, Lord have mercy
and I don’t mean to sound foul
but if I could hit that, I’d dress up like a clown right now
so don’t tempt me
and nobody had one
but we was rapping ’bout Beamer, Benz and Bentleys
Mel Gibson, spazzed out for real
idiots of the year? BP, for the oil spill
and Wayne went to jail for his gat
they said he had a music player, where he hide that at?
no matter where you looked, it was hard to miss Drake
but easy to miss 50 when he lost that weight
LeBron made a decision, that move was bold
but he had to take the heat once the Heat got cold
Hey Cleveland, I’ll holler
‘Bron’s the reason a hot dog in Cleveland will cost ya 84 dollars
the iPhone prototype, that got jacked
shout to rappers that was dumb enough to touch Kat Stacks
I know what you thinking kid
And no, I didn’t touch her, but I know a lot of rappers that did
Kanye had Twitter going nuts
Man y’all funny, since when you cared about the World Cup?
Facebook, talk of the town
And don’t lie, you know you was crying right along with Chris Brown
but in the new year, what I don’t wanna see
is Montana Fishburne or a movie in 3D
and Swizz wifed Alicia Keys
the volcano cloud had me and Jazzy Jeff stuck overseas
and rappers, they weren’t exciting
but I’d hate to see your parents if you came out looking like 50 Tyson
and Antoine Dodson, that was that was just trife
with all that “Hide ya kids and hide ya wife
man, the industry sucks
cause we started off laughing at both of them
but now they laughing at us
I’m just asking
how Lady Gaga can wear some raw meat?
but y’all call that fashion
and Fantasia, she went the suicide route
oh, you gon kill yourself? Before your album come out?
Lil Wayne came home like jail was a fad
they sold us big iPhones and they called ‘em iPad’s
and we all got barraged
by the many faces and many voices of Nicki Minaj
old girl got it in
and before the year was over she was already beefing with Kim
Lindsay Lohan, behind bars
I guess I wasn’t supposed to notice that a dancer won Dancing With the Stars
The Census came tryna get the count right
and Paris Hilton, well she got caught with the white
and Petey Pablo need a reverend
Dawg, a gun? in an airport? on 9/11?
Obama still tryna do his thing
they caught T.I. with three pills and sent him back to the bing
Miley Cyrus had us at a loss for words
a lot of y’all got addicted to Angry Birds
the miners got freed live on TV
y’all coulda gave ‘em something, maybe a Double Down from KFC
YouTube views, that could get ya some bread
ask that lil white boy with the real big head
Usher came back, and still claiming king
he signed Justin Bieber though, can you say cha-ching?
Willow whipped her hair, and hit the perfect score
rather see hers than anybody on Jersey Shore
Republicans, ha, they still tripping
A Wikileak? nah, where I’m from man, we call that snitching
Raz B and Chris Brown they had some words
I got three for Raz B – You got served!
I hear a lot of Rap Ups getting made for real
ehhh, he’s all right, but he’s not Skillz
with that being said, I send a R.I.P
to Guru, Gary Coleman and Miss Teena Marie
Apache, Eyedea, and Lena Horne the star
Huddy Combs, Hideo, and Cool DJ Law
May they all rest in heaven
the Rap Up is wrapped up
I’ll catch y’all in 2011"
Skillz - 2010 Rap-Up


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