Thursday, January 20, 2011

Timbaland Thursdays Week 2

Now entering week two of the fourth day of the work week currently leased by @timbaland007. This week we get a slower, more bubbly, snappy beat that'll get you movin' your shoulders a bit on first listen. Man it must be nice being able to have such consistently interesting and high quality beats eh? Like I'm on some "I think this track is average for Timbo ish", but that's because the ceiling is so high on tracks he produces, it's damn near impossible to always live up to expectations. I'll take a Timbo beat all Russian Roulette style any day of the week over half the stuff I come across on a daily basis in Hip Hop...#DontFront

Most producers nowadays feel like their overachieving when they put in 3 or 4 elements/samples to their beats, while Timbo does that solely with the percussion. Attention to detail is something I covet and appreciate, which is why mad respect is never a tough thing to give to him and his work as an artist. Even better, he gave us a glimpse into the future, uncovering a snippet of his track Warped that will presumably be part of his Thursday series. See video below...
Anyways, you be the judge, give it a listen and watch out for next week's edition of TimblandThursdays...

Timbaland - Round Da Way Tim (prod by Timbaland)


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