Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MGMT Daytrotter Session

Currently rated #8 in music blogs on the internet, Daytrotter has always been a great place for new artists to get notoriety through a unique recording. It's rare though, that you get an act as well known as @whoismgmt to do some acoustic covers like Daytrotter did a little over a week ago.

While I wasn't even remotely a fan of the 180 MGMT pulled on their last album, I still respect the hell out of their old school 70's sounding funk and instrumentation. Take for example, one of the few tracks I liked on their last album I Found a Whistle. It was a great track to start with, but the acoustic version of the track is a clear standout on the four song session. The pure moods style dreamy organ offset by the slow and steady acoustic guitar create a dreamlike, out of this world sound that is intensely calming.

Give the tracks a listen for yourself and if you're like me, you'll hopefully gain a little bit of the confidence back in them their previous album robbed you of. Third times a charm? We'll see...
MGMT Daytrotter Session by Hypetrak


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