Friday, January 21, 2011

New Hip Pop Remixes

Seems like the drink of choice in the mainstream these days is Pop mixed with shot of Hip Hop. When you think about it, it's a pretty symbiotic relationship. Pop stars recognize a Hip Hop collaboration as being good for their "street cred", as well as opening up the door to a wider demographic. Similarly, Hip Hop has always craved to be accepted in the mainstream because we all know that play, commercials, endorsements...doller...doller...bills y'all...#LaFlamaBlanca

While I feel like most Hip Hop fans are starting to get used to the fact that their favorite rapper may also be singing the hook or dropping an R&B love song to go along with their latest freestyle, real Hip Hop heads are still not havin' that ish because they remember back in the day when Wu Tang, Nas, Rakim, KRS-One spit fire every time they gripped a mic. In my mind being open minded to change and rolling with the punches (sort of a progressive, new school train of thought), while still appreciating the past and the groundwork it laid for the current generation's adaptation of what they heard growing up, is the best way to look at it. We'll see if the fad lasts, I've got good eyesight and the lines between Hip Hop, R&B and Pop are starting to get pret-ty blurry...

Can't hate too much on @BRITNEYSPEARS's new single that has taken iTunes by storm. Tip of the cap to @official_FLO for hopping on a track that caters to his delivery and making it even better too...

Britney Spears feat Flo-Rida - Hold It Against Me (Remix)

Hey Three Stacks...dude, you keep teasing us with these white hot verses on remixes and it's got your fan base chomping at the bit to get a whole album's worth of new material. Is that too much to ask? PS @KESHASUXX, your trashy demeanor and unapologetic lyrics are more than entertaining to me and the fact you're proud of the way you are makes it even more appealing. Shouts out to @mrbangladesh on the beat too, the depth of the bass you put into songs deserves more praise than it gets.

Ke$ha feat Andre 3000 - Sleazy (Remix) (prod by Bangladesh)

Last but not least, @JColeNC hops on @RIHANNA's new dirty hit S&M and delivers an adequately seductive verse lyrically that fits in well with the chains and whips subject matter. Not used to hearing him go in on upbeat dance tracks, which made him seem a little out of his element, but that's not to say it wasn't executed well. Check it...

Rihanna feat J Cole - S&M (Remix)


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